EQ = vort_lambda {Galerkin_wt} VLAMBDA {Interpol_fnc}

Description / Usage#

This card provides information for solving a differential equation for the vorticity direction. Definitions of the input parameters are defined below; there are no <float> input parameters for this equation. The Galerkin weight and the interpolation function must be the same for the code to work properly.


Name of the equation to be solved.


Two-character value that defines the type of weighting function for this equation, where:

  • Q1-Linear

  • Q2-Quadratic


Name of the variable associated with this equation.


Two-character value that defines the interpolation function used to represent the variable VLAMBDA, where:

  • Q1-Linear Continuous

  • Q2-Quadratic Continuous


No Examples.

Technical Discussion#

This equation type is used for a research capability involving the flows of suspensions in curvilinear coordinates and is not currently being used for production computations.