Porous Shell Cross Permeability#

Porous Shell Cross Permeability = {model_name} <floatlist>

Description / Usage#

This card is used to set the permeability in the thin direction of a shell porous region. The property is used for the porous_sat_open equation. The in-shell (in-plane for a flat shell) permeabilities are set on the Permeability card. Please consult the references for the equation form. The property can take on one of two models:


This model applies a constant cross-region permeability. It requires a single floating point input:

  • <float1> is the cross region permeability


This model is used to read a finite element mesh field representing the cross-term permeability. Please consult tutorials listed below for proper usage. This model requires one float:

  • <float1> scale factor for incoming exodusII field and desired level.

The ExodusII field variable name should be “CROSS_PERM”, viz.


No Examples.


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