Upper Contact Angle#

Upper Contact Angle = {model_name} <floatlist>

Description / Usage#

This card sets contact angle of the liquid phase on the upper-wall for the two-phase capability in the lub_p equation (viz. when using the level-set equation to model the motion of a meniscus in a thin gap, where the in-plan curvature is neglected. Currently one model {model_name} is permissible:


This model is used to set a constant contact able of the the free surface at the upper wall. Contact angle of less than 90 degrees is considered as nonwetting with respect to the heavier level-set phase. Only one floating point value is required.

  • <float1> is the contact angle in degrees.


Following is a sample card:

Upper Contact Angle = CONSTANT 180.

This card results in an upper wall contact able to 180 degrees, which is perfectly wetting. If the lower wall is given the same angle, then the capillary pressure jump will go as 2/h, where h is the gap.