Mass Fluxlines#

Mass Fluxlines = {yes | no}

Description / Usage#

With this post-processing option mass-diffusion pathlines are calculated and stored as post-processing nodal variables in the output EXODUS II file. This variables are called Y0FLUX, Y1FLUX, …(by species number) in the file and can be contoured in the visualization program. These flux lines are analogous to the stream function, viz. contours of the flux function represent pathlines for each species in solution.

The permissible values for this postprocessing option are:


Calculate the mass fluxlines and include in the output EXODUS II file.


Do not calculate the mass fluxlines.


The following sample card requests that mass-diffusion pathlines be written to the EXODUS II file:

Mass Fluxlines = yes

Technical Discussion#

Currently this option is available only for FICKIAN and HYDRODYNAMIC mass flux types (see Diffusion Constitutive Equation card). In the FICKIAN case, the flux is computed with the base, constant diffusivity. Also, the Mass Diffusion Vectors post processing option must also be activated for this option to work.


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