Shell Energy Source Viscous Dissipation#

Shell Energy Source Viscous Dissipation = {model_name} <float_list>

Description / Usage#

This card activates a heat source (or sink, as it were) in the shell_energy equation resulting from viscous dissipation due to shear combined Couette and pressure-driven flow in the Reynolds lubrication equation (lubp equation).


This model invokes a viscous dissipation model simplified for the lubrication approximation.

  • <float1> - Scale factor for the term, typically taken as 1.0


This model invokes the same viscous dissipation source term as in the LUBRICATION model, but adds on an additional linear friction model of the form μ*Pload vslider. Commensurately there are seven floats required:

  • <float1> - coefficient of friction, μ.

  • <float2> - Applied external load Pload


Following is a sample card:

Shell Energy Source Viscous Dissipation= LUBRICATION_FRICTION {load=5e8} {coeff=0.9}


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