Lagrangian Convection#

Lagrangian Convection = {yes | no}

Description / Usage#

In deformable solids with a Lagrangian mesh, convection in the stress-free state can be mapped to the deformed configuration; this variable stores the velocity vectors of this solid motion (see Convective Lagrangian Velocity card). This variable is called VL1, VL2, VL3 in the output EXODUS II file; the integer values 1, 2 and 3 denote coordinate directions.

The permissible values for this postprocessing option are:


Calculate the Lagrangian convection and store as nodal variable velocity fields in the output EXODUS II file.


Do not calculate the Lagrangian convection.


Following is a sample card:

Lagrangian Convection = no

Technical Discussion#

This option only applies to Mesh Motion type of LAGRANGIAN.


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