Porous Shell Henrys Law Constant#

Porous Shell Henrys Law Constant = {model_name} <floatlist>

Description / Usage#

This card is used to set the partitionconstant in Henry’s law for the trapped gas in the porous_sat_closed equation. Basically, the gas trapped in closed pores during the imbibition process is allowed to diffuse into the liquid, and this property is a part of that model for the dissolution constant of gas in pressurized liquid. It is only needed if the equation R_SHELL_SAT_GASN is used. Please consult the references for a detailed explanation. Only one model is available for this property:


This model sets the Henry’s law constant. It requires a single floating point input:

  • <float1> is the Henry’s law constant


Porous Shell Gas Temperature Constant= CONSTANT 1.e10


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