Liquid phase reference pressure#

Liquid phase reference pressure = CONSTANT <float> [M/L-t2] or [N/L2]

Description / Usage#

This card is used to specify the model and model parameters for the liquid-phase compressibility reference pressure. See Liquid phase compressibility card for discussion and theory.


model for the reference pressure, currently the only available option. It requires a single floating point value:

  • <float> - The reference pressure, in units of pressure.


The cards

Liquid phase compressibility = CONSTANT {beta_liquid}
Liquid phase reference pressure = CONSTANT {p_not}

leads to the application of a linearized compressibility model for the density of liquid in the time-derivative capacitance term. This is useful for rigid porous media when the conditions are such that the saturation front is sharp.

Technical Discussion#

See discussion on Liquid phase compressibility card.


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