Number of Materials#

Number of Materials = <integer>

Description / Usage#

This required card denotes how many material sections are contained in the Problem Description File. Each material section will have its own problem description, consisting of the following: MAT card, Coordinate System card, Mesh Motion card, Number of bulk species card, Number of EQ card, and zero or more equation cards. The input parameter is defined as


The number of MAT cards (i.e., material sections) that follow; this number must be greater than zero.

If there are more MAT cards than specified by <integer>, Goma ignores all extras (i.e., the first Number of Materials material sections are read). If <integer> is set to -1, Goma automatically counts the MAT cards between the Number of Materials card and the END OF MAT card.


Following is a sample card, indicating that there are two materials:

Number of Materials = 2

Technical Discussion#

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