Number of BC#

Number of BC = <integer>

Description / Usage#

This required card indicates how many boundary condition (BC) cards are contained in the Problem Description File. The single input parameter is defined as


The number of BC cards that follow.

If <integer> is set to -1, Goma will automatically count the number of BC cards between the Number of BC card and the End of BC card. This latter usage is generally preferred if a large number of BCs are to be specified.


Following is a sample card, indicating that there are two BC cards that follow this card.

Number of BC = 2

Technical Discussion#

If there are more BC cards listed in an input deck than specified on this card, Goma ignores the extras; in other words, only the first <integer> cards are read by Goma. If the number of BCs is fewer than the amount specified by <integer>, Goma will stop with an error.

Also note, that if more than one BC on the same variable is specified, only the last one is applied.