Fill Weight Function#

Fill Weight Function = {Galerkin | Taylor-Galerkin | SUPG}

Description / Usage#

Sets the weight function used for the FILL equation for either the VOF or Level Set methods. The options for this card are as follows:


Name of the weight function formulation. This option requests a standard Galerkin finite element weighted residual treatment. A floating point parameter is not used for this option.


Name of the weight function formulation


Name of the weight function formulation. This option requests a Streamwise Upwinding Petrov Galerkin formulation. No floating point parameter is required.

The default value for the Fill Weight Function is Taylor-Galerkin.


This is a sample card:

Fill Weight Function = Galerkin

Technical Discussion#

This card selects the integration/weight function used in solving for the VOF color function or the level set distance function (i.e., the FILL unknown). The user should refer to the tutorial on Level Set Computations for a detailed description of level set interface tracking. (See References.)


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