Level Set Renormalization Frequency#

Level Set Renormalization Frequency = <integer>

Description / Usage#

This card sets an upper limit to the number of time steps which are allowed to pass between renormalization procedures. Possible values for <integer> are listed below:



never renormalize (default)


renormalize every step


a positive integer >1, renormalize every nth time step


This is a sample input:

Level Set Renormalization Frequency = 50

Technical Discussion#

Renormalization procedures are normally triggered by the average gradient exceeding one by a specified amount (see Level Set Renormalization Tolerance). However, at times it might be advantageous to trigger a renormalization independent of the size of the average level set gradient. For example, it might occur that in a very small region near the interface, the level set gradient is becoming large but elsewhere the gradient is still relatively small. Since the average gradient is used, this condition might not trigger renormalization. By setting an upper limit for the number of time steps that can pass before renormalization, situations such as this can be remedied.