Porous Latent Heat Vaporization#

Porous Latent Heat Vaporization = CONSTANT <integer> <float> [E/M]

Description / Usage#

This required card is used to specify the model for the latent heat of vaporization for each liquid solvent species in a partially saturated porous media flow problem, viz. Media Type card set to POROUS_UNSATURATED or POROUS_TWO_PHASE. As of 6/13/2002, we only allow single liquid phase solvent, and the porous enthalpy equation is being tested. Definitions of the input parameters are as follows:


Name of the constant latent heat of vaporization model.

  • <integer> - the species equation of liquid phase solvent; MUST BE SET TO ZERO for now.

  • <float> - the value of the latent heat of vaporization.


The following is a sample input card:

Porous Latent Heat Vaporization = CONSTANT 0 1000.2

See the equation below for the diffusivity model that this card represents.

Technical Discussion#

First order phase change involves the adsorption or expulsion of heat. This thermal effect is modeled through the porous energy equation (see EQ cards; this equation was under development and testing as this manual was being assembled) with a source term that depends on the evaporation/condensation rate.


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