Moment Source#

Moment Source = {model_name} <float_list> [varies]

Description / Usage#

This required card is used to specify the model for the source term on the energy equation. Definitions of the input parameters are as follows:


Name of the model for the source term on the energy equation. The permissible values are * FOAM_PMDI_10 * CONSTANT_GROWTH * FOAM_PBE


One or more floating point numbers (<float1> through <floatn>) whose values are determined by the selection for {model_name}. Note that not all models have a <float_list>

Source-term model choices and their parameters are discussed below. WARNING: make sure the equation term multipliers for the source terms are set to unity (see the Equation Cards segment in the previous chapter).


Foam PMDI_10 model from Ortiz et al. * <float1> Growth rate coefficient, multiplicative with Moment Growth Rate Kernel * <float2> Coalescence kernel (Unused, set to 1.)


Constant growth rate * <float1> Growth rate coefficient


The following is a sample input card:

Moment Source = FOAM_PMDI_10 1. 1.

Technical Discussion#


Ortiz, Weston, et al. “Population balance modeling of polyurethane foam formation with pressure‐dependent growth kernel.” AIChE Journal (2021): e17529.