SOLN File#

SOLN file = <file_name>

Description / Usage#

This required card identifies the ASCII output file that will provide the initial guess for continuation or time integration, where


Specifies the name of the output file, or if no file is desired, a value of no or none should be entered.

The current format of this ASCII file is a list of unformatted floating point numbers that includes every degree of freedom in the problem in the order specified in the unknown map. Other information (residual for that degree of freedom) may appear beyond the first column of numbers in this file that is sometimes useful in determining the name and location of the corresponding degree-of-freedom. If no or none is used in place of the file name, no ASCII information is written.


Following is a sample card:

SOLN file = soln.dat

Technical Discussion#

This file represents the primary ASCII output of the Goma solution vector and the primary way to continue or restart a solution from an ASCII file. (See Write Intermediate Solutions for related information.) When a continuation run is performed, this file is copied into the file specified in the GUESS file input card.