Initial Time#

Initial Time = <float>

Description / Usage#

This card sets the time at which the calculation starts. The input parameter is defined as


Any number indicating the initial solution time (in the same units as specified in the delta_t card). An additional feature can be triggered if this float is specified to be negative, which triggers GOMA to look for the nearest restart time in the restart ExodusII database to use as the start time. Note that this option can only be used with Initial Guess options of read_exoII_file or read_exoII.

Normally, the value of <float> will be set to zero unless the problem is a continuation of a previous transient problem.


The following is a sample card that shows a restart at 45 time units:

Initial Time = 45.0

The following is a sample card that triggers Goma to look for a restart time of 10 time units, or the closest time value to 10 time units, to start from:

Initial Time = -10.0