User-Defined Post Processing#

User-Defined Post Processing = {yes | no} <float_list>

Description / Usage#

This option enables user-defined postprocessing options in Goma. An arbitrary number of floating point constants can be loaded to use in the user-defined subroutine user_post (user_post.c). This variable is called USER in the output EXODUS II file and can be contoured or processed just like any other nodal variable in a postprocessing visualization package.


Calculate and write the user-defined postprocessing variable to the output EXODUSII file.


Do not calculate the user-defined postprocessing.


An arbitrary number (including zero) of floating point numbers, which can be accessed in file user_post


Consider the following sample input card:

User-Defined Post Processing = yes 100.

Suppose you would like to contour the speed of a fluid in a two-dimensional problem using this card, with your intent being to multiply the calculated value by a factor of 100.0 for some unit conversion or something. You must add

post_value = param[0]*sqrt(fv->v[0]*fv->v[0] + fv->v[1]*fv->*v[1]) ;

to user_post.c. Note also that you have to comment out the error handler line just above the location you enter the post_value code. The comments in the routine help guide you through the process.

Technical Discussion#

See the function user_post in user_post.c.