EQ =shell_diff_flux {Galerkin_wt} SH_J {Interpol_fnc} <float1>

Description / Usage#

This card provides information for solving a conservation equation for the total surface diffusive flux in a 2-dimensional bar (or shell) element. Note that this equation is not yet available in three dimensions and is in fact untested at this time. The card entries are as follows:


Name of the equation to be solved.


Two- or four-character value that defines the type of weighting function for this equation, where:

  • Q1-Linear

  • Q2-Quadratic


Name of the variable associated with the shell curvature equation.


Two- or four-character value that defines the interpolation function used to represent the variable SH_J where:

  • Q1-Linear Continuous

  • Q2-Quadratic Continuous


Multiplier for diffusion terms (in this case, the whole equation).


The following is a sample card that uses bilinear shell diffusive flux interpolation and weight function:

EQ = shell_diff_flux Q2 SH_J Q2 1.0

Technical Discussion#

This is only a preliminary implementation of a shell quantity conservation equation. It is not currently operational. When it is fully implemented, the number of required equation term multiplier entries will be adjusted acordingly.


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