Moving Mesh Residuals#

Moving Mesh Residuals = {yes | no}

Description / Usage#

These nodal variables are constructed from the corresponding weighted residual functions of the solid momentum equations (activated with the EQ = mesh* cards). The weighted residuals are formed using a Galerkin finite-element formulation. In the output EXODUS II file they appear as nodal variables RDX, RDY, and RDZ, corresponding to each of the independent components of the solid momentum balance (both pseudo and real).

The permissible values for this postprocessing option are:


Include the moving mesh residuals as nodal variables in the ouput EXODUS II file.


Do not include moving mesh residuals.


Following is a sample card which does not activate writing of mesh residuals:

Moving Mesh Residuals = no

Technical Discussion#

This option can be used to help understand convergence behavior of a particular problem, as it allows the user to visualize the pattern of residuals over the computational domain during a Newton iteration process. The intermediate solutions of a Newton iteration process can be activated with the Write Intermediate Results card. Contouring these residuals can indicate where the convergence of a problem is being delayed, and give the user/developer some clues as to the boundary condition or local region of the mesh which is responsible.