Category 18: Turbulence Equations#

These boundary conditions are applied to turbulence equations (currently Spalart Allmaras)


BC = EDDY_NU NS <bc_id> <float1> [float2]

Description / Usage#


This Dirichlet boundary condition card is used to set constant amplitude of the kinematic viscosity for the Spalart Allmaras turbulence model. Definitions of the input parameters are as follows:


Name of the boundary condition (<bc_name>).


Type of boundary condition (<bc_type>), where NS denotes node set in the EXODUS II database.


The boundary flag identifier, an integer associated with <bc_type> that identifies the boundary location (node set in EXODUS II) in the problem domain.


Value of the kinematic viscosity.


An optional parameter (that serves as a flag to the code for a Dirichlet boundary condition). If a value is present, and is not -1.0, the condition is applied as a residual equation. Otherwise, it is a “hard set” condition and is eliminated from the matrix. The residual method must be used when this Dirichlet boundary condition is used as a parameter in automatic continuation sequences.


The following is a sample input card:

BC = EDDY_NU NS 10 1e-3