Level Set Subelement Integration#

Level Set Subelement Integration = {ON | YES | OFF | NO}

Description / Usage#

Subelement integration is used to improve integration accuracy for all functions which invoke a sharp level-set interface. Note here that the Level Set Length Scale option must be zero. This is possible because the subelement integration scheme actually produces a geometric representation of the zero level set surface on which exact line integrals of the surface tension source term term can be peformed. Please see usage nodes below.

{ON | YES}

Use subelement integration on surface level set capillary term.

{OFF | NO}

Don’t use subelement integration.


This example invokes the subelement integration

Level Set Subelement Integration = ON

Technical Discussion#

  • NOTE: Level Set Length Scale must be set to zero.

  • Because of the construction of an in-element interface meshing to find this representation, subelement integration cannot be used currently for three dimensional problems. Subgrid integration can be, however, but it is inefficient.

  • Best to use this integration approach with the property specification method of “Second Level-Set “property_name”, e.g. Second Level Set Density, etc.

  • Typically this capability greatly improves mass conservation and avoids parasitics for surface tension dominated problems.

  • NOTE that the Level Set Renormalization method must be set to Huygens.


GT-020.1: Tutorial on Level Set Interface Tracking in GOMA, February 27, 2001, T.A. Baer