Matrix Factorization Reuse#

Matrix factorization reuse = {char_string}

Description / Usage#

This optional card directs the approximate factorization solvers used in preconditioner construction to reuse matrix information that may have been obtained during previous linear solution stages. This card only has an effect when using an Aztec solver. Valid options for {char_string} are:


Use no information from previous linear solutions.


Use information from previous linear solutions but recalculate the preconditioning factors, with the implication that the symbolic factorization will be similar.


Use information from previous linear solution; do not recalculate preconditioner factorizations. However, use scaling factors from previous linear solutions to scale righthand sides, initial guesses, and final solutions.

If the Matrix factorization reuse card is omitted, the default is recalc.


Following is a sample card:

Matrix factorization reuse = recalc

Technical Discussion#

See related discussions for Matrix factorization save.