FEM File#

FEM file = <file_name>

Description / Usage#

This required card specifies the name of the EXODUS II finite element mesh file. Any EXODUS II file name is permissible, as specified below.


A file name of the form prefix.exoII. The prefix portion is any user-specified alpha-numeric string, which can be used as a problem-type descriptor. Preprocessors and postprocessors (like AVS) might require the “.exoII” suffix so it is a required part of the file designation. The maximum length of the file name is 85 characters.


Following is a sample card:

FEM file = in.exoII

Technical Discussion#

This file contains the finite element discretization of the problem domain. Finite element mesh files from other preprocessors may be used with Goma as long as a translator from the preprocessor’s output format to the EXODUS II format is available to the analyst.


The EXODUS II format is documented in:

  • EXODUS II: A Finite Element Data Model, Schoof, L. A. and V. R. Yarberry, SAND92-2137, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM.