Reaction Rate#

Reaction Rate = <model_name> <float1> <float2>

Description / Usage#

This card is used to specify rates of species electrochemical reactions in the anode and cathode regions in a LiSi/LiCl-KCl/FeS2 thermal battery cell using Butler-Volmer kinetics.

This property currently allows for a single {model_name} which has two parameters:


the name of reaction rate model

  • <float1> - Anodic direction transfer coefficient

  • <float2> - Cathodic direction transfer coefficient

Two companion cards, THERMODYNAMIC POTENTIAL and INTERFACIAL AREA are required to complete the specification of parameters present in the Butler-Volmer kinetic model of current density.


The following are two sample cards:

Reaction Rate = ELECTRODE_KINETICS 0.5 0.5
Reaction Rate = ELECTRODE_KINETICS 1.0 1.0

Technical Discussion#

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