Enormsq Field#

Enormsq Field = {yes | no}

Description / Usage#

This norm is based on the ENORM field variable (which, in turn, is derived from the VOLTAGE field variable).

The permissible values for this postprocessing option are:


Calculate the norm.


Do not calculate the norm.

The field is stored in GENS0, GENS1, and GENS2 (if 3D) in the output EXODUS II file.


The following is a sample input card to calculate the field:

Enormsq Field = yes

Technical Discussion#

This post-processing variable is equal to \(\underline{\Delta}\) \(enorm^2\) . This, in turn, should approximate \(\underline{\Delta}\) \(\mid\) ( \(\underline{\Delta}V\) \(\mid^2\) ).

See also the Enormsq Field Norm post processing option.


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