Continuation Specifications#

This section of input records is used to direct all automatic continuation procedures. The entire section is completely optional. Basically, automatic continuation can be accomplished in steady state simulations (see Time Integration card) through any one or combination of parameters. These parameters can be any one or combination of the input floats required on the boundary condition cards (see Section 4.10) or material property cards (see Chapter 5). The cards in this section are used to specify the parameters that will be marched automatically, the method of marching (e.g. zero-order, first-order, multiparameter first-order, etc.), the limits of parameter values, and other sundry options. Much of this capability can now be managed from the LOCA library package (Library of Continuation Algorithms - Salinger et al. 2002).

Input specifications for this section of input records is discussed in a separate, comprehensive manual (Gates, et. al., 2000); an update to this manual has been completed during the summer of 2006 (Labreche, et. al., 2006).