Output EXODUS II File#

Output EXODUS II file = <file_name>

Description / Usage#

This required card specifies the name of the output EXODUS II file. Any EXODUS II file name is permissible, as specified below.


A file name of the form *prefix*.exoII. The prefix portion is any user-specified alpha-numeric string, which can be used as an output file descriptor.

This EXODUS II file contains a replica of the input mesh and boundary condition information exactly as it was provided in the FEM file, but has appended to it the solution field information appropriate to the problem type. If the name of this output EXODUS II file <file_name> is identical to the name of the input EXODUS II file (as specified in the FEM file card), then no replication of the input mesh data is performed and any results are simply appended to it.


Following is a sample card:

Output EXODUS II file = out.exoII

Technical Discussion#

Although allowed, it is not advisable to make this file name the same as the file name input on the FEM file card.


The EXODUS II format is documented in:

  • EXODUS II: A Finite Element Data Model, Schoof, L. A. and V. R. Yarberry, SAND92-2137, Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM.