Default Database#

Default Database = {GOMA_MAT | CHEMKIN_MAT}

Description / Usage#

This card sets the default material database type. The default for this card is GOMA_MAT. In that case, all material properties for the current material are obtained from the current material file being read. If the default database is Chemkin, then the Chemkin 3 linking files are read in, and initialization of most of the methods and data for thermodynamic function evaluation, the stoichiometry and names of species and elements, the homogeneous and heterogeneous source terms for chemical reactions and their coupling into the energy equation, and transport property evaluations occurs. Many fields in the materials database file that were required now are optional. After Chemkin initialization, the rest of the materials database file is then read in. At that time, some fields containing methods and data that were initialized with Chemkin methods and data may be overwritten with methods and data specified by the material file. Other fields not initialized or even handled by Chemkin (such as surface tension) must be initialized for the first time by the materials file. Thus, the use of Chemkin materials database doesn’t mitigate the need for a Goma materials file.


Following is a sample card:

Default Database = CHEMKIN_MAT

Technical Discussion#

Chemkin includes its own rigorous treatment of ideal gas thermodynamics and transport property evaluations, providing it with a solid foundation on which to build kinetics mechanisms and a rigorous treatment of gas phase transport property evaluation. In order to maintain internal consistency, the new treatment must be used in its entirety.


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