Solution Temperature#

Solution Temperature = {model_name} <float_list>

Description / Usage#

This card is used to specify the temperature of an electrolyte solution (i.e., when diffusion and migration transport of charged species is involved).


Name of the electrolyte-solution model, for which there are currently two options: CONSTANT and THERMAL_BATTERY; the former model has a single parameter in the <float_list> while the latter has six.


A constant model of the solution temperature.

  • <float1> - the value of electrolyte-solution temperature.


A specialized model of electrolyte solutions for Thermal Batteries (Chen, et. al., 2000).

  • <float1> - Initial electrolyte solution temperature ( K )

  • <float2> - Ambient temperature ( K )

  • <float3> - Cross-sectional area from which heat is lost to ambient ( m2

  • <float4> - Heat transfer coefficient ( W/m2/K )

  • <float5> - Mass of battery cell ( kg )

  • <float6> - Heat capacity of electrolyte solution ( J/kg/K)


The following are two sample input cards:

Solution Temperature = CONSTANT 313.0
Solution Temperature = THERMAL_BATTERY 846. 298. 0.0316 7.7 0.6 1030.

Technical Discussion#

No Discussion.


SAND2000-0207: Final Report on LDRD Project: A Phenomenological Model for Multicomponent Transport with Simultaneous Electrochemical Reactions in Concentrated Solutions, Chen, K. S., Evans, G. H., Larson, R. S., Noble, D. R., and Houf, W. G., January 2000.