Level Set Subgrid Integration Depth#

Level Set Subgrid Integration Depth = <integer1>

Description / Usage#

Subgrid integration is used to improve integration accuracy for all functions which invoke a diffuse level-set interface representation of properties and surfaces. With integration depths greater than zero the elements through which the zero level set crosses are subdivided in a geometric way to achieve more accurate integration. Level- 1 depths implies the smallest grid size is 1/4 of the original, and a level-2 is 1/8th, and so on. Please see usage nodes below.


Level of integration depth. Default is zero. See usage notes.


This example sets the subgrid integration depth to two:

Level Set Subgrid Integration Depth = 2

Technical Discussion#

Each level of subgrid integration leads to precipitous growth in computational load, especially in 3D. Level-2 seems to optimize accuracy and efficiency. Levels higher than 2 is not recommended.


GT-020.1: Tutorial on Level Set Interface Tracking in GOMA, February 27, 2001, T.A. Baer