EQ = porous_unsat {Galerkin_wt} P_LIQ {Interpol_fnc} <floatlist>

Description / Usage#

This equation cannot be invoked in an element block in which the media type is set to POROUS_TWO_PHASE (cf. Microstructure Properties, Media Type card). Otherwise, it is used exactly as the porous_liq equation card; please consult that section for a detailed discussion.

See porous_liq card for description of input requirements.


See porous_liq card.

Technical Discussion#

This card is used for single phase (viz. constant gas pressure) simulations of partially saturated flow, as described by the Media Type material property card. The equation it invokes is one of Darcy flow in a partially saturated medium in which the gas phase pressure is taken as constant. The dependent variable here is the liquid phase pressure.


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