Flory-Huggins parameters#

Flory-Huggins parameters = CONSTANT <integer1> <integer2> <float>

Description / Usage#

This card specifies the Flory-Huggins binary interaction parameters. It is assumed that the binary parameters are symmetric; i.e.,


Therefore, one set of i-j coefficients is sufficient to describe the binary interaction coefficients.


Model for constant Flory-Huggins parameters.

  • <integer1> - first species number.

  • <integer2> - second species number.

  • <float> - Flory-Huggins binary interaction coefficient.


Following is an example set of cards for a three-species mixture:

Flory-Huggins parameters = CONSTANT 0 1 0.3
Flory-Huggins parameters = CONSTANT 0 2 0.3
Flory-Huggins parameters = CONSTANT 1 2 0.3

This example shows that two species are solved in the Goma problem explicitly: species 0 and species 1.

Technical Discussion#

No discussion; see Sun (1998).


GTM-007.1: New Multicomponent Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium Capabilities in GOMA, December 10, 1998, A. C. Sun