Second Level Set Conductivity#

Second Level Set Conductivity = {model_name} {float_list} {char_string} [M/Lt]

Description / Usage#

This card allows to the user to specify a second thermal conductivity model that will be applied to one side of a level set interfacial curve:


The name of the conductivity model can only be CONSTANT at the current time.


This is a single float parameter which is the value of Fourier thermal conducticity applied to the second level set phase fluid.


This string may take the values POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. It identifies which side of the interface the preceding conductivity model is applied to.

This card allows the user to apply a CONSTANT or USER model to one side of the interface while the other side recieves the constant conductivity value listed on this card. The side of the interface that corresponds to char_string appearing on this card receives the constant conductivity value. The opposite side’s conductibity is determined from the other, (possibly) more complex model. Transition between them is accomplished using smooth Heaviside functions whose width is given on the Level Set Length Scale card. Note that it is the prescence of the this card in the material file that actually activates this selection process.


The following is a usage example for this card:

Conductivity = USER 1.e4 0.1 3.0
Second Level Set Conductivity = CONSTANT. 1.0e-4 POSITIVE

This setup will cause the negattive side of the interface to receive conductivity values obtained from the USER model with the parameters listed above . The positive side of the interface will show a constant conductivity of 1.0e-4.

Technical Discussion#

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