Porous Shell Closed Porosity#

Porous Shell Closed Porosity = {model_name} <floatlist>

Description / Usage#

This card specifies the porosity used in porous_shell_closed equations. Currently two models for {model_name} are permissible:


This model applies a constant porosity for the entire model. It requires a single floating point value.

  • <float1> is the porosity


FIELDThis model reads in an array of values for the porosity from an initial exodus file. This allows for spatial variations in the parameter value.

  • <float1> scale factor for scaling field value

The ExodusII field variable name should be “SH_SAT_CL_POROSITY”, viz.

External Field = SH_SAT_CLOSED_POROSITY Q1 name.exoII (see this card)


Following is a sample card:

Porous Shell Closed Porosity= CONSTANT 0.5


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