Shell Bending Stiffness#

Shell bending stiffness = {model_name} {float_list} [M/Lt2]

Description / Usage#

This required card is used to specify the model for the Shell bending stiffness property D which is defined as D=Et3/12(1-ν2), where E is the elastic modulus, ν Poisson’s ratio, and t the shell thickness. The units are M-L2/t2 (or F-L). The elastic modulus is set through the Lame MU and Lame Lambda cards. This property is needed for the inextensible cylindrical shell equations (see EQ = Shell Tension).

Definitions of the input parameters are as follows:


Name of the Shell bending stiffness coefficient model. This parameter can have one of the following values: CONSTANT.

  • {float1} - The value of the shell bending stiffness.

The details of each model option are given below:

CONSTANT <float1>

For the CONSTANT model, {float_list} is a single value:

  • <float1> - Standard value of the coefficient D.


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