SUPG Velocity in Porous Media#

SUPG Velocity in porous media = {yes | no}

Description / Usage#

Used to specify use of effective velocities in SUPG formulations for porous media. It is written to the output EXODUS II file as nodal variable U_supg_porous.

The permissible values for this postprocessing option are:


Calculate and write the effective velocity components as a postprocessing variable to the output EXODUSII file.


Do not calculate the effective velocity components.


This is a sample input card to activate calculation of SUPG Velocity:

SUPG Velocity in porous media = yes

Technical Discussion#

No Discussion.


GTM-029.0: SUPG Formulation for the Porous Flow Equations in Goma, H. K. Moffat, August 2001 (DRAFT).