Film Evaporation Model#

Film Evaporation Model = {model_name} <floatlist>

Description / Usage#

This card takes the specification of the evaporation rate for the film-flow equation capability, specifically the shell_filmp equation. This function specifies the rate of evaporation in the unit of length per time. Currently two models for {model_name} are permissible:


This model specifies a constant evaporation rate. This option requires one floating point values

  • <float1> is the evaporation rate in the unit of length/time


This model specifies evaporation rate function of particles volume fraction and the input parameters (floats). This model is proposed by Schwartz et al (2001). The functional form is:

  • <float1> is the pure liquid evaporation rate in units of length per time

  • <float2> is exponent v and it should satisfy 0 <ν <1

  • <float3> is the maximum packing volume fraction 0max



Following is a sample card:

Film Evaporation Model = CONC_POWER 1.0e-3 0.5 0.64

This results in film evaporation with the pure liquid evaporation rate of 1.0e-3, exponent of 0.5, and maximum packing volume fraction of 0.64.


Leonard W. Schwartz, R. Valery Roy, Richard R. Eley, and Stanislaw Petrash, “Dewetting Patterns in a Drying Liquid Film”, Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 234, 363–374 (2001)