Matrix Storage Format#

Matrix storage format = {msr | vbr}

Description / Usage#

This optional card can be used to choose between two formats accepted by the Aztec 2.1 solver package. Valid options are:


modified sparse row format (see Schunk and Shadid, 1992). This option is the default option and is automatically used for all direct solver options.


variable block row format (see Heroux, 1992). This option should only be selected when an Aztec iterative solver is chosen.


Compressed Sparse Row format using the Epetra library from Trilinos


Following is a sample card:

Matrix storage format = msr

Technical Discussion#

Goma supports two global matrix formats for its linear solvers. The advantage of choosing vbr over the default msr format is a matter of which preconditioner option is selected. (See Schunk, et al., 2002 on iterative methods.) When using the front solver package, another format known as estifm is employed internally but not specified by this card, which is not used in this case.


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