Inertia Coefficient#

Inertia Coefficient = CONSTANT <float> []

Description / Usage#

This card is used to specify the model for the inertia coefficient cˆ in the Brinkman formulation for flow through porous media, viz. see POROUS_BRINKMAN option on Media Type card. Detailed discussion of this coefficient can be found by consulting the references below. Definitions of the input parameters are as follows:


Name of the model for the inertia coefficient.

  • <float> - The value of the inertia coefficient.


Following is a sample input card that produces a weighting coefficient of 1.0 on the inertial term in the POROUS_BRINKMAN equations.

Inertia Coefficient= CONSTANT 1.0

Technical Discussion#

See references below for discussion on use of this card.


GT-008.2: Porous Media Capabilities/Tutorial for GOMA. User Guidance for Saturated Porous Penetration Problems, August 11, 1999, P. R. Schunk

Gartling, D. K., C. E. Hickox and R. C. Givler 1996. “Simulations of Coupled Viscous and Porous Flow Problems”, Comp. Fluid Dynamics, 7, 23-48.