Guess File#

GUESS file = <file_name>

Description / Usage#

This required card identifies the input file that provides the initial guess for the solution vector for continuation or time integration, where


Specifies the exact name of the file and can be any file name.

The file <file_name> is read by Goma only if the value of the Initial Guess (next section on General Specifications) card is set to read. The current format of this ASCII file is a list of unformatted floating point numbers (the solution variable followed by the residual value for that degree of freedom) in the order of the unknown map; this is the same format as the file described in the SOLN file card. A solution file from a previous simulation may be used.


Following is a sample card:

GUESS file = contin.dat

Technical Discussion#

This file is typically a copy of the SOLN file thus being an exact replica of it. It represents the only way to continue a previous solution from an ASCII file. Typically a continuation proceeds from a converged solution but the result from an intermediate solution could also be used; the user is cautioned about the potential difficulties of restarting from non-converged solution. (See Initial Guess card about (re-)starting from a binary file.)