Write Intermediate Results#

Write Intermediate Results = {yes | no}

Description / Usage#

This optional card controls the output of intermediate results. The permissible values for this card are


The code will output the latest Newton iteration to a file named ‘tmp.i.d’, where i is the Newton iteration number. The format of tmp.i.d will be similar to the ASCII results data described for the GUESS file and SOLN file cards. Also, the output EXODUS II database (see the Output EXODUS II file card) will accumulate the intermediate iterations as time planes of the solution.


No intermediate results are written; only the last Newton iteration is written to the file named in the SOLN file card, and only the final converged iteration is output to the EXODUS II file.


Following is a sample card:

Write Intermediate Results = no

Technical Discussion#

This file is useful to guard against machine crashes or accidental job kills, particularly for very large problems, as it can be used to restart a simulation (by using this file as the Guess file). The intermediate results in the output EXODUS II database can be a useful debugging tool, giving the analyst the ability to use highly relaxed Newton iterations to see how a free boundary problem diverges.