Viscoplastic Def_Grad Tensor#

Viscoplastic Def_Grad Tensor = {yes | no}

Description / Usage#

The components of this tensor are associated with the elasto-viscoplasticity model, (described in detail in Schunk, et. al., 2001). If the mesh motion is of LAGRANGIAN type, then this card activates the components of this tensor to be available in the postprocessing EXODUS II file (see Mesh Motion card). The components are called FVP11, FVP12, FVP21, FVP22, and FVP33. This tensor is the identity tensor in regions that have not yielded, and so the diagonal components are unity; in regions that have yielded, these components deviate from the identity. Contouring them can reveal regions of plastic flow.

The permissible values for this postprocessing option are:


Calculate the viscoplastic Def_Grad tensor and write components in the output EXODUS II file.


Do not calculate the viscoplastic Def_Grad tensor.


This sample input card does not activate Def_Grad output to the EXODUS II file:

Viscoplastic Def_Grad Tensor = no

Technical Discussion#

Please see complete discussion in Schunk, et. el. (2001).


GT-019.1: Elastoviscoplastic (EVP) Constitutive Model in GOMA: Theory, Testing, and Tutorial, P. R. Schunk, A. Sun, S. Y. Tam (Imation Corp.) and K. S. Chen, January 11, 2001