Eigensolver Specifications#

The ability to solve for the stability of a base flow is a very powerful tool. Often, the important characteristics of a flow can be summarized in the answer to the question “is the flow stable?”. Although the following cards are in active use at the time of this writing, sweeping changes are coming to the eigensolver sections of Goma. In particular, the old code (called “eggroll”) is being replaced with newer methods (in the ARPACK library), as well as being coupled to the continuation and tracking algorithms (in the LOCA library).

Input specifications for this section of input records is discussed in a separate, comprehensive manual (Gates, et. al., 2000); an update to this manual will be completed during the summer of 2006 (Labreche, et. al., 2006). Either of these manuals contains a thorough discussion of how to successfully compute the stability and interesting modes of an underlying base flow.