Advective Scaling#

Advective Scaling = {model_name} <species> <float>

Description / Usage#

This material property card permits the user to scale only the advective terms in one or more of the species transport equations by a fixed constant. This may be useful when solving problems with non-standard concentrations or for stability reasons.

A single {model_name} is available; it and its parameters are described below:


Model used to specify the advective scaling.

  • <species> - the index of the species equation to which the advective scaling will occur.

  • <float> - scaling, the actual value for the multiplicative scaling factor.


Here is an example of the card:

Advective Scaling = CONSTANT 0 0.0

In this case, the card is being used to eliminate the advective terms in the conservation equation for species 0.

Technical Discussion#

The advective terms in the species conservation equations take the form, u ⋅ ∇c where c is the species concentration and u the fluid velocity.


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